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luisa sonza Chico Moedas

Who is Chico Moedas and luisa sonza

luisa sonza and Chico Veiga, also known as Chico Moedas, is a 27-year-old young man from Rio de Janeiro who became known for his participation in lives on the internet. In July 2023, he began a relationship with singer Luísa Sonza. However, the artist announced the end of their relationship this Wednesday (20).

With the quick romance, the boy gained visibility and already has more than 600 thousand followers on Instagram. Furthermore, Luísa Sonza also paid tribute to him with the composition of the song “Chico” – which reached number one on Spotify Brazil.

The nickname Moedas comes from “coin”. Chico was “baptized” with this codename after he made it public that he invested a large part of his father’s savings in the Bitcoin market – almost everything was lost.Chico Moedas, ex-boyfriend of Luísa Sonza

Chico Moedas is friends with digital influencer Casimiro Miguel, known as Cazé. Both made live broadcasts commenting on famous mansions and luxury homes. Moedas also participated in the coverage of the Qatar World Cup on Cazé TVDuring his participation in the Match o Papo podcast, Chico even said that he had a monogamous relationship for nine years – before getting involved with Luísa Sonza.

Luísa Sonza breaks up with Chico Moedas and gets emotional reading the text in ‘Mais VocêRead full text about breaking up with Chico MoedaCasimiro Miguel and Chico Moedas.

The announcement of the end was made on the program “Mais Você”, by presenter Ana Maria Braga. Luísa Sonza read a letter live about a breakup and cited betrayal.”It is unbearable that betrayal, the breach of agreements, respect, trust, zeal, care, continues to be normalized.

A specific error. Only those who have been betrayed know the pain they feel, the pain that is caused and triggers what they They call it a one-off error. From self-esteem, destroyed, from doubt, from insecurity that something like that causes”

Chico Moedas is from Niteroi, 27 years old and gained fame on the internet after appearing as a collaborator in YouTuber Casimiro’s videos. He dated Luísa Sonza for about two months By O GLOBO — Luísa Sonza and Chico Moedas: singer and digital influencer were photographed together in a shopping mall.

Luísa Sonza and Chico Moedas: singer and digital influencer were photographed together in a shopping mall — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram Digital influencer Chico Veiga, 27 years old, better known by his nickname Chico Moedas, had a song named after him on hers new album, ‘

Escândalo Íntimo’.

The two began their relationship in July. However, this Wednesday, the artist confirmed the end of the relationship in an interview during “Mais Você”, on TV Globo, and read a letter in which she mentions having been betrayed in a bar. ‘Messed with the wrong woman’: Luísa Sonza exposes betrayal and confirms breakup with Chico Moedas Chico cheated on Luísa In the text, Sonza said that she chose to break a cycle to protect herself.

“My love, unfortunately, you messed with the wrong woman. Today I break this cycle for my mother, my aunts… Today I choose, even if it hurts, even though I still love you. Today I protect myself and I don’t protect you, because you , that night, in that bar, you didn’t protect me. I’m going to live love, it just won’t be with you”, said the artist.

Who is Chico Moedas?

Chico Moedas, who is from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, acquired internet fame after appearing as a collaborator in videos by YouTuber Casimiro, with whom he is a close friend.

The young man can be seen in several appearances alongside the influencer and streamer known as Cazé, especially in the humorous reactions (or “reacts”, as they say in web language) of tours of luxurious homes in Brazil.

A successful Tiktoker, the boy caught the attention of Luísa Sonza after appearing on the podcast “”Match — O papo”, presented by actress and comedian Valentina Bandeira, about two months ago.

“Guys, who is he?”, commented the singer, at the time. Later, the influencer wrote, in a publication by the girl: “Wow, cowardice”. Detail: before, he had revealed that he used that phrase to start flirting.

The contact then gained momentum. Luísa Sonza and the Digital influencer Chico Veiga, better known by his nickname Chico Moedas, are dating ,Luísa Sonza and digital influencer Chico Veiga, better known by his nickname Chico Moedas, are dating.

How did Chico Moedas get rich? Single for three years — since ending a relationship lasting almost a decade — Chico Moedas sustains the nickname for no reason.

After dropping out of Administration and Cinema courses, without completing either of his degrees, the young man invested his father’s money in bitcoins, with his approval. And he discovered, in his own way, a profitable universe. “I don’t do anything. I’m an academic disaster. I tried to go to some colleges, but it didn’t work out,” he said, on the “Match — O chat” podcast. “

There was some convincing work (for my father to let me invest his money in cryptocurrencies). I invested the entire money. My father was more radical than me. My old man didn’t like investing. And then I started a convincing process to get that money out of there (from the bank) and invest it”, he explained. “I don’t really like working.


luisa sonza

Luísa Sonza confirmed the end of her relationship with influencer Chico Moedas on the program “Mais Você”, by Ana Maria Braga, this Wednesday (20). Excited, the 25-year-old artist read — live, in front of the presenter — a text in which she details the pain of ending the relationship.

The betrayal allegedly took place in the bathroom of the Galeto Sat’s bar, in Botafogo, according to columnist Leo Dias. Last Thursday, the singer reportedly met with Chico to discuss the relationship. Despite having been successful in the investment, the young man does not recommend foraying into the industry for almost anyone. He says he has already experienced several setbacks. “It’s better to avoid it. The last people I taught (how to invest) all lost money,” he said.

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