The Positive Relation Between Teachers And Students

It is an old saying that teachers are like parents. Because the real parents teach their children inside their homes and try to infuse a good behavior and character within them. But what if we talk about the external environment outside their living home. Where there is none out of their parents, there is a personality who leads them. Here I mean to say, a teacher is a person. Who sort out their students and help them to build their high characters. A good teacher is one who always tries to promote positive relations amongst their students. Also try to read their psyche, and act accordingly as their students can get something valuable in return. The Positive Relation Between Teachers And Students this is our hot topic to clarify today.

The Positive Relation Between Teachers And Students

A teacher is the most important character in our society. However, it is seen in our common observations. A positive relation is hard to establish between a teacher and their students, because of many socio-psyche problems. In some cases it is also seen a teacher try to implement their own strategies of teaching & learning methods. While their students don’t catch these learning strategies. In this case there is always remained behind a few kinds of interactive relations between them.

Another point, I have often found critical, are the number of times the teacher does not correct the students who find calling names to their classmates amusing. Children who are teased or bullied by other children find themselves being victimized by their peers. Children who have become victims of this nature find learning difficult. They will be stressed out not only by trying to achieve academically, but also because the names they have been appointed by their classmates are destructive, demeaning, and destroy self esteem. Therefore, it is important for teachers to have children respect each other. Usually, a type of lesson involving with self-esteem can be an excellent activity for children who are involved in this destructive nature.

The teacher who become successful in building positive and strong relationship with their students. Then he will start enjoying the whole teaching and learning process too. Because once the children able to get what their teachers are going to teach or what they are teaching right now, they gradually start getting everything they are trying for.

Final Suggestion:

It is a common factor that the children often learn when they enjoy learning. The teacher must provide something that the children must like them while learning is carried out in effect. It is also to be pointed out that to make the learning most effective and reasonable; the teacher must create a frank environment first to proceed to the learning strategies. This will produce uncommon positive results because the children try to take keen interests in learning process while they have something of their interests within. This all can be carried out by using some kind of visual aid tools. Which can produce effective impact on the children during learning.

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