Teaching Techniques and Methodologies In Pakistan

By far the vision, Teaching Techniques and Methodologies In Pakistan has facing many problems in its educational system. This is all because of many serious and ignorant reasons such as lack of technical training’s, visual aids, etc. Pakistan is still applying traditional methods in its teaching. On the basis of these problems, there is an extreme need to change these old kinds of teaching styles to promote qualitative education throughout the nation.

Teaching Teachniques and Methodologies In Pakistan

 Some Major Causes:

A major fault with our educational environment is that, we only focus on completing the syllabus of the projected classes as they are told by the Heads of their Institutions and never try to deliver any productive activity to the students. This will create great hurdles in flourishing the mindsets of children that gradually led to complete deterioration of mental abilities of the students as the future of any nation depends directly upon the students studying at any level or grade. The teachers restricts the students to read out the lessons, their translations into one or two languages, doing home works for the next up coming day, fairing copies, while they do not provide them to create any substantial amount of learning activities related to their grades, hence the students are unable to mark any progressive careers.

One major disaster related to the Pakistan teaching methodology we often seen in our most observations are that the teachers prefers their students to Stereotyping: A stereotyping meaning that do it as ordered: that cause a great damage to the mental creativity of the students. This type of learning almost depressing the students’ abilities to understand the values of learning and teaching.

This is not only a boundary to the teachers; instead, on the other hand, the authorities of examining board also favor the stereotyping methodologies. One best observation in this regard is that, while some students in their exam answer sheets, if follow the wordings of texts books and write the answers in stereotyping, those students must be rewarded with full marks or with a little deduction of marks. While those who try to write the answers using their own words, however, the answer is matching the questions, but they will not be rewarded with any grace. That mean we are depressing the students’ abilities to think and write something by focusing their own thoughts about a specific question.

Furthermore, it has been also noticed at many places that the honorable teachers of Pakistan put a heavy load of home works and other related thing which shows stereotyping to the students, to show the efficiency of their own, in this way the students on the other hand don’t left behind an amount of spare time to do educational related activities with their family members or friends all around there.

We have such kinds of teaching techniques and methodologies that incorporate the ineffective and inappropriate way to the progress and development of the students’ future. The higher authorities never put a reasonable sight over the learning environment and learning behavior inside the institutions of any sort so as to overcome these major issues. The surrounding and the provided environment plays a major and efficient role on the character building of the students but if we look over and count these things in development, we are failing in this case to deliver these facilities that enhance the technical mindset of students.

Final Words:

Finally to say, if we want to have a progressive nation, if we want to count ourselves in the developed nations, there is a prior need to change the teaching methods in Pakistan, also to provide skillful training to teachers, so that we can save our nation. Because quality education is the strongest pillar of any nation

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