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Russia is the world’s largest country. Russia boasts the world’s most educated people. The Russian government provides numerous scholarships to students from all around the world. They have world-class universities that provide students with a high-quality education. In this article we will talk about the Russian Government Scholarships 2021-2022 for global students.

If you want to study in Russia, get ready for the Russian Government Scholarship 2022 applications are now available for international students. The Russian Federation is Financing this scholarship. Students from around the world will attend Russian universities to pursue Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programs. In partnership with the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The scholarship recipients will be awarded free studies at any Russian university in Russia.

A fantastic Masters and PhD Scholarship awarded by Russian universities and the Russian government. Russia is the world’s powerful country. The Scholarship is designed at talented international students who want to enroll in Master’s programs and postgraduates. Picking one of 500 Russian Universities, among which 21 are Russia’s premier universities.

It is a Merit-Based Scholarship that covers the entire cost of tuition for selected full-degree programs. A stipend will be available to you as well. Russia contains the world’s most educated people. In Russian Universities, almost 200,000 Students from 168 Countries studying. You are known for a world-class degree. You have a variety of opportunities for learning. For more detail information about Russian Government Scholarship 2022 keep studying post.

Detail About Russian Government Scholarship 2022

  • Country: Russia
  • Course Level: Masters, PhD
  • Eligible Nations: All Nationalities
  • Deadline: 10th December 2021

Why should you study in Russia?

  • You can choose from over 500 Russian universities scattered across 80 different Russian universities using this scholarship.
  • You have a large selection of subjects to choose from. You have an extremely low cost of living.
  • You will live in a country that is both European and Asian in nature.
  • Russia is a reasonably priced country. All Russian students are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

List of Available Study Courses

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Biology & Biotechnology
  • Chemistry & Materials Science
  • Economics
  • Physical Sciences
  • Education
  • Computer and Data Science
  • Business and Management
  • Mathematical and Artificial Intelligence
  • Political and International Studies
  • Neuroscience & Psychology
  • Linguistic and Modern Languages
  • Clinical Medicine & Public Health
  • Earth Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Neuroscience & Psychology
  • Economics & Econometrics
  • Linguistic and Modern Languages

Benefits and Coverage of Russian Government Scholarship

  • There is no tuition fee and the State and Government of Russia are responsible for educational expenses.
  • The competition means that you can enter the Masters or PhD without a single window system without taking any type of entry examination.
  • There is no language barrier because the course is available in both English and Russian.
  • You can compete according to your subject and apply simultaneously for a number of institutions
  • You will be paid a stipend as well, as previously stated.

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Eligibility Criteria for Russian Government Scholarship

The Open Door Russia scholarship application criteria are quite straightforward and there are few requirements to be kept in mind. The following are the requirements.

  • Having a Bachelor’s degree or having completed a Bachelor’s degree programed is an advantage.
  • If you are a foreigner, you can enter the competition.
  • If you are a stateless person, you can enter the competition.
  • Russian people living abroad are also eligible to compete in this famous competition.

How To Apply

Application submission process for Russian Government Scholarship 2022 is online. There is no charge for submitting an application. Step by step, complete the Online Application. To Apply, Please visit the official website of Russian Government Scholarship 2022.


The expiry date to apply for the Russian Government Scholarship 2022 is 10th December 2021.

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