What Alcohol Affects Do To Your Body

Alcohol is one of the intoxicant liquids that can produce many harmful effects on human body. Alcohol affects human health as well making them slightly or fully unconscious of their senses. Alcohol may affect the body in many ways, sometimes drinking alcohol may also be lethal for someone. Drinking alcohol may also result in the change of physical and emotional behavior. It further leads to unwanted harm to the body.

Let us discuss some of the alcohol affects on human health.

Alcohol Affects Badly On Your Body

Alcohol Affects Excretory System:

The excretory system involves in the removal of waste products from the body. During excretion, pancreas helps in the secretion of digestive enzymes. These enzymes later mixed with bile to help in the digestion of food particles. As a part of excretion process, pancreas plays very important roles. Because two essential hormones namely insulin and glucagon also secreted by the cells of pancreas. Consequently, the excessive use of alcohol may affect badly the functioning of pancreas. Therefore it creates obstacles in removal of other waste materials through the body. The alcohol affects human health in following ways.

Alcohol Affects Nervous System:

The first and foremost sign of an alcohol addictive person is that there must be a quick change in physical and mental behavior. That is why alcohol can spread throughout the body very easily. It also can travel to different parts of body very quickly like brain and other parts of central nervous system. This will results too talk hardly for a person. Too much drinking of alcohol may lose the ability to think accordingly. It also brings forth the capability of taking just decisions.

Alcohol Affects Digestive System:

The digestive system helps in breakdown of complex organic foods to that of simpler one. Alcohol may weaken your digestive system all from mouth to the colon traveling through other intermediate digestive organs. Alcohol affects badly to the digestive system. Only a one time heavy drinking may results in the damage of digestive tract. The excessive use of alcohol also can damage the salivary gland and restricts its secretions that may produce gum disease and even loss of teeth in future. Another harmful effect of alcohol is that digestive tract soon become unable to absorb nutrients and vitamin B food supplements. These are very essential for the body health.

Alcohol Affects Sexual And Reproductive Capability:

Alcohols have some serious affects on reproductive ability of a person. Too much use of alcohol in men may results in erectile dysfunction as the most common side effect. The most serious conditions are when it reduce or sometimes block the production of hormones and leads to the infertility. This is almost the case with most alcohol users. Alcohol affect can also be observed in women. Those who drink excess of alcohol may stop their menstrual cycle and cause infertility to them.


It is recommended that health is the most precious gift from God; you should be keen and vigilant about your health. Do not take too much alcohol dose as it results in many serious problems to your health. If necessary, must consult the doctor and use it according to its instructions.

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