Every religion has their own spiritual places for worship & prayers. A church is a sacred house of God’s worship for the Christians. Church is a place where people can feel a sense of comfort, peace and safety during their prayers. Religious worshipers come to the Church every single Sunday to hear the amazing holy words of God and the excellent feats he has gifted. Would you believe that the church you go every Sunday had murky history of haunting and supernatural occurrence? Although, all the church in this world is not sacred & good. Some holy houses of God have been infected by iniquity, ghosts, and spirits are seemed to stroll in lobby spitefully. Today we choose an amazing topic of The 10 Most Haunted Churches in the World. Lets check out the in some detail why they are so ghosted church in the globe.

Norwich Cathedral UK

Norwich Cathedral UKsource: flickr.com

The Norwich Cathedral Church was established in 1096, positioned in Norwich, United Kingdom.  The former bishop was spotted haunting in entrance-way according to the visitors of Norwich cathedral church. Another claim to have the spirit of burned Lollards at the wager during the event of their spiritual faiths.

St. Louis Cathedral

St. Louis Cathedralsource: tripadvisor.nl

The St. Louis Cathedral of New Orleans is one of the oldest & villainous churches in the town who has an incredible look. It is a most haunted city in United States. People claim to have spirit of Pere Dagobert a renowned preacher’s of 18th century haunting in the Cathedral. Pere Dagobert was recognized with his politeness, which was killed during the Spanish attack due to people attending worship getting higher. Visitors have also eyewitness of ghosts of 6 men who were put to death in the church backyard.

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Churchsource: voyagevirtuel.com

The St. Nicholas Church is situated in Pluckley and one of the most haunted places in UK. Eyewitnesses believe the church is a home of watercress women, who bother the village & church. Light sparkling in dark night through church window according to the visitors.

Church Of St. Mary The Virgin, Clophill

Church Of St. Mary The Virginsource: aboutrc.com

The Church St. Mary The Virgin is a disreputable sacred place of worship in the village of Clophill. The church is consisting of a small building, which was neglected for number of years before their reformation. However, the ghostly activities have been wandering around the church before vanish in the slim air. People believe to have evil spirit worship and also black magic in the church.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

St. Paul’s Episcopal Churchsource: stpaulswinona.org

The 19th century’s St. Paul Episcopal Church was built in key West, Florida, USA. The church was renovated again, after the destruction of hurricane in 1838. Myths nearby the church states to have the ghost of most popular John Fleming, the patron of the entire structure haunting in the church.

Most Holy Trinity Church

Most Holy Trinity Churchsource: themostholytrinity.org

The Most Holy Trinity Church was founded in 1880 in Brooklyn. The church has become tainted of many ghosts. One of the spirits to haunting is George Stelz, who was a bell-ringer killed on the path of the bell tower. Some unforeseen ghostly activities such as voices and strolling were happened in the hallways.

St. Andrew’s On The Red

St. Andrew’s On The Redsource: thetimes.com

The St. Andrew’s On The Red church was established in 1849 already has a scary haunting place in the city. Visitors of this church have founded otherworldly creatures, and a specter vehicle was seemed near the main doorway.

Egg Hill Church

Egg Hill Churchsource: flickr.com

The Egg Hill Church is located in Pennsylvania, and infamous place of several evil spirits. The local claim that the minister who was murdered along with whole flock on Halloween night. Since than the place is a victim of so many devil activities haunting in the hallways.

Chapel Of The Cross

Chapel Of The Crosssource: findagrave.com

The Chapel of The Cross is located in Madison Mississippi the homes of several ghosts like most churches in the world. Folklore surrounding stated that a women who was set to be ready for wedding in the Chapel, but whose husband was found dead before few days of their marriage. So, her spirit has been seen walking and weeping   for searching her long lost love around the church.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Churchsource: standrewsgrayslake.org

The people of Staten Island claim to have the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church surroundings are largely to be haunting by ghosts.  The popular TV show “Ghost Hunter” guys also found something unexpected during their shooting here.

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