Top 10 Most Eaten Foods In The World

All the living things on the planet earth need some foods to live and survive their bodies. The basic purpose of eating food is to provide energy to perform different kinds of functions inside and out of their bodies. Even the living things respire they consume some energy to bring out that respiration process. The food requirement is different for different living beings. Besides, all this, we will cover in this article Top 10 Most Eaten Foods In The World. Let’s go ahead.

1- Chips Masala

This is one of the most popular foods in the world. This food has its origin in India, while the majority of people who eat this food are Muslims. This food is simple to make, it is usually made up of potatoes. To make it different from French Fries, the potato is usually chopped in a circular shape and later dipped into the mixture of dough along with some other spices.

Chip Masala

2- French Fries

This is perhaps quite delicious and spicy food, being most popular amongst the teenagers. It is also made up of potatoes that is chopped into small stick shapes. It can be made more spicy by adding some chills to it according to the taste.

French Fries

3- Ice Cream

It is wonder to list this food, because it is not considered as the healthy food for the body, but still a large number of people all over the world love to eat this food. This food is most widely eaten during the summer seasons to lower the body temperature with respect to the surroundings. It is available in a variety of flavors.

Ice Cream

4- Chicken

This is a type of food that is eaten in all countries of the world. People loves to eat this food but people from different countries have different moods of cooking. It is easy to prepare and can be served with other foods as well such as rice, green bananas, chapatti, etc.


5- Bacon

It is said that Bacon is most tasty food amongst all. This food is problematic for those people who do not use pig products because of the religious fundamentals or their own will.


6- Chocolate

This food is more likely popular in children, men and women. A recent research provided that children eat more ratio of chocolate than young ones. However, some said that it is popular in children and women but it is not true.



It can be one of the best breakfasts if it is done elegantly and professionally. This food does not consume much pocket money as done in an ordinary breakfast; hence many considered it a money saving breakfast.


8- Macaroni

It is a meal, easy to prepare and do not require any classes to learn it. It can be easily prepared by following the Macaroni Package written instructions without any hurdles.


9- Pies

It is amongst the most eaten food in the world. While it is of different types depending on the ingredients used to prepare it. The used ingredients may alter the the types of Pies.


10- Tacos

This food is more likely eaten by all people over the globe. According to surveys, it is noticed that Tacos is most eaten by Mexicans. It can be used for both purposes, breakfast and lunch as well.


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