Animals are loving creatures that bring the happiness on the faces of the people each day. They can be proving our best friends. Today we are going to share with you the 20+ beautiful white bear HD wallpaper and pictures. White bear or Polar bear actually lives in the ice pack of the world’s Arctic region. They can migrate in both an earthly and aquatic atmosphere.

We have compiled the 20 amazing white bear wallpaper & pictures certainly lift your mind.

Initially we would like to discuss some interesting information about the white bear with you. White bear also known as Polar bear, Ice Bear, and sea bear. They are inhabits in the Arctic region. They are large in size. White bear are accustomed to live in the harsh environment. The adult male bear weigh is around 350-700 kg and measuring up to 3 m (10 feet) height.

In fact white bears are the largest and strong carnivore on earth. They have two skins of fur & a thick layer of fat help to protect the white bear body from the cold, keeping its temperature at precise level at 37º C (37º.6). White bear has strong paws that help them for walking on the ice and swimming in the sea.

Polar bear also has well-built noses. Their main source of food is hunting of seals. Though, in case of scarcity of food, white bears can eat anything. Polar bear spend their most time on the sea & ice land where they are born. Polar bear do not lie dormant like the other bears. Humans are the main killer of white bear.

The average age of a white bear is around 25 years and around the age of four or five year female bear can start producing babies. In recent years, with changes in environment cause loses of habitats of white bear considerably. Universal warming extremely collisions the destiny of the white bear. As a result the large masses of ice reduce the access to seals.

Due to the climate change badly affected the health of young white bear and also hampers the successful reproduction. Polar bears have been around us for the thousand of years. They are key figure in the material, religious, and cultural life of circumpolar people.

Now we turn back to our original topic of the beautiful white bear HD wallpaper. We have brought to you some outstanding & wonderful images of white bear for your desktop screen.

All the wallpapers contain the high quality and with best resolution improve the beauty of your desktop screen. Lets have a glance our latest collection of amazing white bear..

Amazing Wallpaper Collection of White Bear

Polar Bear Animal HD Wallpaperssource:

Roaring White Bear HD Wallpapersource:

Strong Paw White Bear HD Wallpapersource:

Well Built White Bear hd Wallpapersource:

White Bear Ice Land Wallpapersource:

White Bear Nice Imagessource:

Whtie Bear Family HD Photossource:

White Bear Eating Food hd Imagessource:

Wallpaper HD White Bear Giant Animalsource:

Stunning White Bear Wallpaper HDsource:

HD Wallpaper White Bear Side View Photossource:

HD Photos of White Bearsource:

Free Download White Bear Wallpapersource:

Dangerous White Bear hd Wallpapersource:

Female White Bear With Cub Wallpapersource:

Best White Bear Family Wallpapersource:

Beautiful White Bear HD Wallpaperssource:

Wonderful White Bear HD Imagessource:

Animals can be our best friends and faithful to us. They deserve love and respect from people. They can protect us & die for us. Humans are the main killer of white bear. Aslo read 20+Cute Puppies HD Wallpapers, Images and Photos.

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