An Independence Day is a very important day for any nation. Every nation celebrates their Independence Day annually with zeal and enthusiastic manner. Are you looking for patriotic Pakistan Independence day quotes and Independence Day Messages? Fine you have here at the exact page for a stroke of nationalism. An Independence Day is the time to remember the great historic moment when freedom fighters were fought for Pakistan’s freedom. Pakistan Independence Day is celebrating on 14th August. On 14th August 1947, Pakistan after great struggle finally got the freedom from British Rule. It was on this day, the green & white color flag was hoisted by our late Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan. Every year on August 14th, Pakistan Prime Minister unfolds the national flag and speaks to the nation at convention centre, Islamabad. Pakistan citizens are crowed in Islamabad to eyewitness the speech and after this series of cultural events also take place on the day. Citizens are really enjoy the whole ceremony with enthusiastic.

Best Pakistan Independence Day Quotes and Messages 2018

Independence Day Messages:

Let’s salute the nation.

It makes my heart pound with pride, to see the colors of Independence Day with great pleasure and joys everywhere.

The glory of Independence Day may be with your eternally.

May the Pakistan green flag always fly high,

Warm wishes on the big occasion of Independence Day.

Appreciation to all our heroes who sacrified their lives for the nation.

Pakistan Zindabad

As a State, we need good and honest leaders. Leaders should be truthful we all can trust, the type of leaders who understand their people interests put them above their political and individual benefits, then one day we will be approved to be a strong nation. It is my message to all as we mark this year Independence Day anniversary. May this celebration make you happy.

In this fun celebration we should remembered our great past leaders who lost their lives for the freedom in the battle. We are enjoying today because of their efforts. Have a fun celebration.

We are grateful to our past national heroes who made this nation what it is today. As patriotic national, we should put additional effort to perform our own public rights and responsibilities. Our diversities should be strengthened the nation by working together then we can build a resilience nation.

Independence Day Quotes:

* I would be proud of it if I die during services of the nation. My single drop of blood… will contribute to the betterment and growth of this nation. Then we make this nation more strong and vibrant in the world.

* There is the only one place in the world where all the dreams of living people are come true, it is Pakistan.

* Freedom is the great bestow of God.

* I promise that the effort our past heroes shall not be in futile. Happy Independence Day.

* We proud to be a Pakistani. Feel happy of being part of a prosperous nation.

* We should be loyal to the nation, not only on Independence Day and Republic Day. Best washings you the compliments of Independence Day.

* The God in the most high grants freedom those who love it, and are always geared up to protect it.

* There is a need to think how we can make our nation become more peaceful, wealthy, and happiness. Wishing you very happy Independence Day.

* It is best time for us to prove that we are great citizen from a great nation. We will continue our struggle to make this country towards prosperity and betterment.

* The Nation always deserve your loyalty not only that Day but always.

Pakistan Independence Day fun Celebration

Pakistan Independence Day Messages


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