Cute Giraffe Wallpaper HD for Your Desktop

 Giraffe is one of the most beautiful and tallest mammals in the world. Normal height of giraffe is around 4-5m (16-18 ft.), and the tallest giraffes have been ever record up to 5.9m. Today we are going to discussion about the Cute Giraffe Wallpaper HD for Your Desktop. They are long legs, long neck and unique dotted pattern makes them so gorgeous looking animal of the world. Let’s have a glance on some of interesting information about cute giraffe.

Giraffe Facts

The giraffe is a most beautiful and genus living earthly animals in the world. They are founded in the dry savanna areas in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Africa is an ideal place for cute giraffe to wander among the open plains and woodlands. Their excessive height helps them to eat leaves at the top of tall trees much easier than other animals can reach.

Giraffe have long tongues are assist to pull leaves from the trees for eating. They spending most of the day in eating, a full grown giraffe devours over 45 kg (100 lb.) leaves and branches per day. Giraffe sleep less than two hours a day. In generally, they sleep with feet placed under them and their head relaxing on their backside. Giraffe can sleep only short periods of time in standing position.

The male giraffe is much higher and heavier than the female. Their long neck helps them for fighting against their enemy. When they walk, they move both legs on one side of their body and then both legs on the other side; looks very typical giraffe. They can reach 55km/h at full speed.

There was only one existing species of giraffe, Giraffe Camelopardalis+ according to the recent thought. However, scientist has recent research there are four species of giraffe found in this world name as North Giraffe (Giraffe Camelopardalis), South Giraffe, Masai Giraffe, and reticulated Giraffe. Giraffes are one of the most beautiful and unique creature of God.

Here we are fetching some of most cute giraffe Wallpaper HD for your desktop. All the wallpapers and images are high quality to enhance the beauty of your desktop screen. Let,s check out the most typical cute giraffe pictures…

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