Children’s are very fond of playing with toys. Barbie is a fashion doll very popular among the children’s. Especially little girls are very passionate about these dolls.  Today we are proudly presents the 22+ Beautiful and Attractive Barbie Doll Pictures.

Barbie doll is shaped by the motivation of German doll Bild Lilli. Barbie is a fashionable doll manufactured in the American toy company Mattel, Inc. It is established by Ruth Handler an American business women in March.9, 1959. Barbie was one of the first toys to have a marketing plan based broadly on television advertising.

Barbie has become the essential part of the toy fashion doll for more than fifty years of market. More than one billion Barbie dolls have been sold in above 150 countries of the world.  It has been copied exclusively by other toy making companies. Mattel has got handsome profit from these toys. However, its sales have declined since 2014.

There is a story behind the making of the Barbie doll. Once Ruther Handler observed her daughter playing with paper dolls, and take pleasure in giving them mature roles. By examined that, she recommend the idea of an adult-bodies doll to her husband Elliot Handler, co-founder of the Mattel toy company. He was Unimpressed about her idea.

The first costume Barbie doll wore a black and white zebra striped swimsuit and signature topknot ponytail. Barbie dresses styles are very prominent among the children’s. Barbie has become a media franchise; you can see Barbie at books, animated films, clothing, cosmetics, music, and video games. Barbie has also featured in a series of animated movies.   Barbie looks very pretty with long hair, gorgeous eyes, fresh dresses style, and good looking shaped.

So, here I have brought you the most Beautiful and Attractive Barbie Doll Pictures for your inspiration and you will certainly feel pleasure by looking on it. Let’s have a look.

Cute and Beautiful Barbie Doll Pictures

Cute and Beautiful Barbie Doll Picturessource:

Gorgeous Barbie Images

Gorgeous Barbie Imagessource:

Nice Barbie Doll Photos

Nice Barbie Doll Photossource:

Barbie Doll Pink Dress Pics

Barbie Doll Pink Dress Picssource:

Blue and White Barbie Wallpapers

Blue and White Barbie Wallpaperssource:

Barbie Doll in White & Red

Barbie Doll in White & Redsource:

Barbie Doll Along With Toy Horse

Barbie Doll Along With Toy Horsesource:

Barbie Looks Cute in Black

Barbie Looks Cute in Blacksource:

Beautiful and Pretty Barbie Photos

Beautiful and Pretty Barbie Photossource:

Barbie Doll With Hand Bags Images

Barbie Doll With Hand Bags Imagessource:

Attractive Photos of Barbie Doll

Attractive Photos of Barbie Dollsource:

Barbie Doll Wearing Hot Dresses

Barbie Doll Wearing Hot Dressessource:

Stunning Red Barbie Costume

Stunning Red Barbie Costumesource:

Innocent Barbie Pictures

Innocent Barbie Picturessource:

Barbie in Short Outfits Snaps

Barbie in Short Outfits Snapssource:

Pretty Barbie in Pink  

Pretty Barbie in Pink   source:

Good Looking Asian Barbie Doll

Good Looking Asian Barbie Dollsource:

Most cute Barbie Doll

Most cute Barbie Dollsource:

Sweet Christmas Barbie Doll

Sweet Christmas Barbie Dollsource:

Beautiful Modern Barbie Doll pictures

Beautiful Modern Barbie Doll picturessource:

Barbie Doll with Long Hair

Barbie Doll with Long Hair source:

Cool and Stylish Barbie Doll Pics

Cool and Stylish Barbie Doll Picssource:

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