A Great Achievement By FPCCI

Pakistan has recorded another tremendous achievement in Direct Selling Industry on 6th October, 2016.

According to a press release issued by The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (FPCCI), Pakistan first time in his history established a new standing committee of Direct Selling that is mainly aimed to promote and protect the business of direct selling in Pakistan. The FPCCI president appointed Sheikh Rashid Alam as the first Chairman of this newly formed standing committee.

A Great Achievement By FPCCI

Furthermore, this standing committee is responsible to investigate the direct selling business which are either run by a Pakistan Nationality Company or a foreign Companies, the business plan is being monitored by this standing committee too.

Formerly, there was no protection was given by the Pakistani Government where the customers are directly related to any local or foreign national direct selling business, there were more chances for those companies to make different kinds of fraudulent activities, to grab the money invested by the customers to run their business, but now after the formation of this standing committee it is the core responsibility to bound those companies according to Pakistani laws and orders of International Trading.

As it is common for direct selling companies not to advertise their business in any electronic or print media, because the members or customers hold the responsibility to promote and sell their business products, so in return, the customers are rewarded with high commissions through their network.

The newly formed standing committee is also responsible to file any arguments or disputes regarding any direct selling company whose business is running in Pakistan.

Sheikh Rashid Alam (The First Chairman to this Standing Committee) also possesses the Permanent Observer Status at WIPO (the specialized agency of United Nation).

Mr Rashid Alam is a very experienced person in the field of Direct Selling Industry, also he is a subject specialist and have vast knowledge in that field.

Mr Anis Ahmed Merchant, The President of Direct Selling Association of Pakistan, and many other organizations from the trade industry rendered their gratitude to Rashid Alam on becoming the first Chairman of this newly formed FPCCI standing committee. All of them expecting to Alam to serve his responsibilities accordingly to increase the trade and economy of Pakistan, as most of the world revenue is being generated by the direct selling industries.

Meanwhile, speaking to the media persons, Sheikh Rashid Alam told them, that the formation of this standing committee in Pakistan is a clear manifestation of the fact that the FPCCI being the apex trade truly can understand the present and forthcoming business and economy challenges which are related to the local and international market niche.

Sheikh Rashid Alam is quite confident of the bright future of direct selling industry and hopes to see all companies and organizations operating in this domain will positively follow the rules and regulations under Pakistani Laws and Enforcement.

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