Weddings are the most special occasions in everyone’s lives. Although the way of celebrations may differ from culture to culture, though all weddings are mostly the same.  Wedding is a bond of love and life of two couples, who unite in front of people and God. Wedding ceremonies should be simple and delicate. But few of elite, wants to celebrate weddings in grand style. If you are getting married and looking for perfect wedding venues. So, today we are here to talk about the 9 Most Expensive Wedding Venues in the World. You can choose one of them if you can afford, these are the mind blowing places on earth to get married.

1- Dream Catcher, Park City, Utah

Dream Catcher, Park City, Utah Beautiful Placesource:

The first wedding venue in our list is Dream Catcher, Park City, Utah, which is one of the most luxurious and attractive wedding destinations in the US. This place is about 150 year’s old pressurize tie up made beds and furnishings. Rs: $105,000 per week, that’s why it is one of the most expensive wedding venues in the world.

2- Villa Casanova, Tuscany, Italy

Villa Casanova Most Expensive Venuessource:

Villa Casanova is wonderful place due to his natural beauty.  You can plan your wedding ceremony on this venue. The place has outstanding surroundings, which will certainly make your mind to get attracted towards this place. So, it is most exceptionally and attractive wedding places in Italy. Rs: $116,000 per week is the charges of this venue.

3- Villa Manzu, Papagayo, Costa Rica

Villa Manzu Costa Rica Natural Wedding Destinationsource:

If you are lover of natural scene in that case Villa Manzu, Papagayo, is an amazing and lavish wedding destination in the Costa Rica. This place has attractive locale, you will always wants to visit this venue.  One of the most popular celebrity’s families hosted this venue recently.  You will have to visit this place to get reception like celebrities. Rs: $140,000 per week: This is one of the most expensive wedding destinations in the world.

4- Palmasola, Mexico

Palmasola Mexico Beach Front Villasource:

Palmasola is one of the most comfortable wedding places full of blue sky and beach. Once you visited this venue, you will like to travel yet again. The eye-catching scenic beauty of this destination attracts people all over the globe. Ideal location for those who getting married, it’s like a dream venue for them. Rs: $140,000 per week: This is one of the most luxurious villa in the world.

5- Villa Rockstar, St Barthelemy, Caribbean

Villa Rockstar, St Barthelemy Elegant Wedding

Caribbean is surrounding with beautiful beaches. The Villa Rockstar is one of the most expensive place in the world. The venue is an alluring and lavish wedding destination, which everyone dreams to plan their marriage here. Only elite people from all around the world can afford this venue. Per week charges of this place is $145,000. It is a very expensive destination in the world.

6- Chalet Edelweiss, France

Chalet Edelweiss France Lovely Wedding Venuessource:

Another costly place with beautiful landscape. France is one of the most significant wedding destinations for many. This is a great place for rich people to perform their wedding ceremony here. You can say that France is the country filled with full of love. Rs: $145,000 per week.

7- Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany, Italy

Borgo Santo Pietro Romantic Wedding Place in Italysource:

You cannot deny the amazing beauty of Italy. Venice is one of the most colorful city of the country. This place is one of the most extraordinary and appealing wedding destination in the world. The priciest venue welcomes only wealthy people from all over the world. Rs: $146,944 per week is the charges.

8- Borgo Finocchieto, Tuscany, Italy

Borgo Finocchieto Luxury Place to Get Marriedsource:

Have you spend hour’s inattention about the perfect wedding destination? So, Italy is one of the most idealistic venues in the world. Italy is well-known of their historic and romantic places, so everyone has a dream to get married like these venues. Rs: $147,312 per week is the charges. One of the most expensive destinations in the world.

9- Hacienda Santa Ines, Costa Rica

Hacienda Santa Ines, Costa Rica Most Expensive Wedding Desitination source:

If you have budget, this is a perfect place to get married. Hacienda Santa Ines is one of the top expensive wedding destinations in the world. Due to his wonderful and amazing locale attracts people from different parts of the world. The per week charges of this place is $ 192,500.

These are the information about the most expensive wedding destinations in the world with reveal the prices, we share with you. You can choose one of them, where your budget can fit and you have a wonderful wedding. If you find something wrong you can suggest us. Your suggestions are precious for us in the future works.

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